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is live for us on treasure island with more on that. charles? over labor day 2006, the eastbound lanes of the bridge were closed so crews could demolish portions of the old roadway in san francsico. one year later, the entire bridge was shutdown over labor day so caltrans could move a 200 foot section of roadway into place just east of yerba buena island. in 2009, there was another full closure over labor day as caltrans finished work on the s-curve detour along the eastern span. then in 2011, the eastbound lanes were closed over memorial day weekend so those lanes could be re- aligned near the toll plaza. the last major planned closure of the bridge was over president's day weekend in 2012 when the west bound lanes were realigned to make room for work on the new span. tonight police in walnut creek need your help in catching the four people who burglarized the tiffany's store downtown. just hours ago we received this new surveillance photo from police. they say shows a the vehicle used to flee the scene of the heist. apparently a white chevy blazer. this picture taken just 90 seconds
rethink possible. >> "you know the police can't always respond to everythingthey'll call us" in fact the owner of the security company says his guards work well with oakland police >> "if they see any crime in progress, they can apprehend and wait for the officer to get there and hand him over to the police" the guards use their own personal vehiclesmarked with these company logos on the sideday and night foot patrols are part of security ruitinea ruitine that puts guards in frequent contact with people who live here >> "we even know who walks whose dog" >> reporter: in the oakland hills haaziq madyun kron4news oakland woman's push to get more security in her she was shot and killed. 66-year- old judy salamon was hiy by gunfire while she was driving near her home in broad daylight last month. fairfax area for more than neighbors believe she was the wrong time. >> tonight police still have not made any arrests in her murder. >> reporter: the bay area is counting down to the shutdown of the bay bridge and the transition to the new span. the bridge will close at 8- pm, august 28th. and
says on this evidence table are bags of white mdma powder used to make the club drug, along with 30,000 blue extacy pills in addition to $30,000 in cash all found in the possession of these two suspects "benjamin hagerl and steven terrell and in custody right now" >> >> reporter:investigators say the drug seizure happened by chance sunday morning as sfpd officers responded to a burglary call here at this apartment building on 3300 block of missiononce inside the building a trail of blood lead them to this apartment on the 3rd >>"the officers observed his hand bleeding and blood on >> reporter:chief surh admits the two on sfpd's raydar >>"sometimes you get lucky and in this instance we were luckyfor a while" >> reporter:in san francisco haaziq >> pam: bay area hospitals are being told to be on alert. a woman has tried to pass herself off as a nurse at a san jose medical center. >> pam: police say, crystal cook was found in scrubs. wearing a stethoscope and a fake nurses badge. at valley medical center. >> pam: sheriff's deputies arrested cook, who has no medical background. she has s
and pedestrian bridge will be ready in time for opening day. kron4's maureen kelly gives us an upclose look. >> only on 4 -- reaction from lieutenant governor gavin newsom to the situation between bart and its unions. it's been ten days since a 60-day cooling off period. the two sides have even met yet. bay area commuters fearing this could mean another last minute scramble to reach an agreement come deadline. the lieutenant governor says although the cooling off period averted a strike -- there are some downsides. and some update way is >> the 60 day cooling off period ends october 10th. which means bart trains must run at least until then. >> >>"i am chelsea manning".. with those words - bradley manning has announced that he wants to live as a woman. this is an undated photo released by the u.s. army. manning was sentenced wednesday to 35 years in prison for leaking information. he made the announcement about wanting to become statement today. also saying he wants to begin hormone replacement therapy. it seems unlikely that authorities at fort leavenwoth - where he'll agree to that. but h
in in rural idaho. and you're going to want to stay with us on the kron-4 news at eight. marc klaas will be in studio to talk about hannah ahead. studio -- tonight on the kron-4 news at eight. oakland police aren't saying friday is that of missing oakland woman sandra coke. the federal investigator was last seen about a week ago. police say she was seen with her long-time ex-boyfriend. a paroled sex-offender -- on the day of her disappearance. he's 56-year-old randy alana - and police consider him a person of interest in the case. bart trains are running -- and will be through at least october. a judge has signed off on governor brown's request for a 60-day cooling-off period between bart and its union members. that means no strike -- at least for now. kron4 talked to riders today. during the cooling off period -- both sides will continue to work on a new contract. we'll have the latest on where the talks stand now - tonight at 6. police in redwood city are investigating a fatal crash this morning. it happened on 280-- near alpine. reports, the crash involved a party bus. new tonigh
ago. the right lane is the only lane opened and there is a massive back up. angela can you tell us what is going on? >> caller: always stopped on the first on ramp and i've been stopped here for a least 10 minutes. . and there was even an ambulance. with fire trucks. >> pam: the lanes are merging? >> caller: i have not even gotten to treasure island. >> >> what we have heard is that this has happened right in treasure island in the backup is going to take quite awhile before these cars are able to get across the bay bridge. and when this happens, particularly during the commute time. the c h p is trying to gather information and also to help things moving. we will keep an eye on this developing story and as well as on this tuesday commute. we want to take you back to the opening story in fairfield. grant are now updating us that 5 homes are up in flames near marigold drive near interstate 80 in fairfield. this has happened very quickly, in less than one hour. and catherine heenan has more information? >> catherine: if you are just joining us this grass fire began on near marigold d
mobile device; android, apple, blackberry, and kindle. also -- count on us to bring you automatic updates as soon as there is a resolution to the amber alert. >> pam: a devloping story tonight. right now the clock is ticking. just hours are left until the bay area could see a strike by a-c transit workers. a contract agreement is still up in the air. and there is a midnight deadline. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live from oakland with the latest. j.r.? >> i guess i would just say we're a i.m. at until the strike is over with. >> everyone does not have a car and it means that all have to place some suspect there and buy a lot for my bicycle. >> >> pam: talking with ac transit bus driver diskette his take on the strip possible strike. >> >> reporter: here and severances go i spoke with the bus operator about the possibility of a strike. and how that could have an impact on everyone. >> everyone is just waiting. we are in a standstill wake mold. >> reporter: i was going to say are you confident that everything will work out >> what other choice do we have you have
. >> gary: conditions are improving slightly it has not moved to the north of us yet. we are seeing a lot of lightning strikes, but they are mainly over the sierra. as we take a look at satellite repair this afternoon you concede thunderstorms developing over here for other california causing pale and thunderstorms. you can continue to see showers and clouds or rotating moving very very slowly. you kids see a shower or two over the north bay. you can see also over the sierra as well. just because of the gusty winds and lightning strikes accurate >> pam: counting down to the shut down of the bay bridge. now just one week left until the temporary closure. here are the details you need to know. all lanes in both directions will close at 8:00- pm on wednesday night, august 28th. workers will then transition >> pam: the roadway to the new eastern span. if all goes correctly -- the bridge will re-open five days later. on tuesday, september third at 5:00 am -- the day after labor day >> pam: tonight -- new at six -- we will show you exactly what you can expect. driving on the new span. >> pam:
- he would be of better use if his 'non- retarded' organs were donated. the boy's mother - karla begley wrote in part.. >> catherine: "i will not stoop to an insulting level. what i have to say is about tolerance, acceptance and respect for kids with special needs. >> catherine: "people with special needs are people first. they have every right others do. >> catherine: instead of glares, i wish people would give smiles. instead of anger toward parents, i wish people would be more understanding. " she says that she has had a lot of community support.and it has restored her faith in humanity: >>still ahead. >> catherine: the new warning that tylenol wants to make sure you see. but first -- millions of americans are hitting the road. the most popular spots for vacation. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. load up the cooler. your favorite pepsi products are just $2.47 a 12-pack. charmin is $11.99 for 24 double rol
. >> we answer every proposal that they give us. i do not understand that one. >> reporter: both sides behind closed doors when they talk about the general, it is a pension, medical, wages, the three provisions they are having difficulty to have agreement on the. we will have an update and more on this newscast on kron 4 news. reporting live, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: pressure coming down hard from san francisco city hall today. calling on all sides to avert another bart strike. kron 4's justine waldman is here.with this side of the story. >> reporter: the mayor's message today at city hall. another bart strike is not an inconvience, it is a hardship for hundreds of thousands of people. mayor lee told us.the unions and management need to reach an agreement this weekend. also there. the california labor secretary. he was here on behalf of the governor. the labor secretary helped work out the 30-day extension of bart's current contract. which got trains running after a 4 day strike last month. i asked him. if he would consider another extension. ts to drag on a want this to be set
senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer managers and unions -- asking them to please use their time before agreement. today cal-trans poured the first batch of concrete. for the steel saddle fix on the bridge widely reported broken bolts on the self anchored suspension span currently being fabricated they are expected to be installed next month with the opening of the new bay bridge slated for early december a federal grand jury has indicted two friends of the boston bombing suspects. the friends are charged with obstructing justice.and conspiracy to obstruct. the two 19-year-olds had faced a lesser charge in may. they're accused of helping jo-har sar-nie-ev after the april 15th bombing. he reportedly asked them to hide some of his belongings including a computer -- and they agreed. prosecutors say he didn't them. if convicted, the teens face up to 25 years in prison. and could also be fined 250-thousand dollars. >> look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the base
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and connects to the old eastern span. over-sized jackhammers are being used to smash the concrete. once the concrete is gone.additional workers use beams from the structure. through the night. kron four's dan kerman just attended the latest caltrans news conference.dan.how are things coming along with the project overall? fine now a look at the empty bay bridge toll plaza. with the main route to the east bay shutdown -- it's definitely making for a headache for drivers. here you can see the golden gate bridge -- and the san mateo bridge. both pretty full. happe jacqueline bennet is closer look at the roads. drive time will tabout about a asn hour to get over the golden gte bridge 56 minutes to get to the san maeto bridge bumpler to bumpr traffic san matiieo toll plaza traficcs is movely pretty good. 280 to 880 hwy -traffic con jested. continuing our team coverage. new bart ridership numbers coming out tonight. they show that up to ten a-m. more than 161-thousand people rode bart! that's an increase of nearly 31-thousand riders from this time last year! kron4's terisa estacio hopped a ri
per year. we asked the unions to give us the same number so that we could compare to where they were now and before the strike. date have not provided us that information. the union has not provided disinformation. they have not provided us -- that information that is the latest. get the latest developments on bart and the strike >> pam: threat no matter where you go with the new kron 4 news app. it is free and available on just about any mobile device; android, apple, blackberry, kindle. it's another way we're giving you more local news, the kron 4 news app, download it today. >> an oakland man was arrested last week for allegedly kicking a woman in the head while robbing her during pride weekend in san francisco last month, christopher porter-bailey, 23, was arrested friday for the attack, which occurred near market and dolores streets at about 1:50 a.m. on june 30 after the pink saturday celebration. the victim, a 28-year-old san francisco woman, was robbed of her purse by a group of suspects and was knocked to the pavement. while she was down, one suspect kicked her in the head,
what you think about hannah anderson's decision to share her story. >> pam: log on -- and give us your thoughts -- and we'll be reading some of the comments on our newscast tonight at 8-pm. >> reporter:in developing news. the california supreme court has refused another legal challenge to stop gay marriages. the challenge came from supporters of proposition 8, a voter approved ban on same-sex marriages in california. that ban was struck down, and the decision later upheld by the supreme court this past june. recently prop 8 supporters had asked the state supreme court to stop the weddings, arguing that the federal court action applied only to the two couples who filed the federal lawsuit. tonight, a unanimous state supreme court will allow gay marriages to continue. >> reporter: it has been five weeks since >> pam: the disappearance of an oakland toddler. daphne webb was stolen out of a car, while her father ran into a store. tonight -- friends and family are hoping to keep little daphne on the forefront of everyone's mind. we'll show you how -- and hear from the child's mother -- ton
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in the car. you must have a fastrak.to use the carpool lane when crossing bridges. but you will get a discounted toll. having fastrak will also save you some time at the toll plazas. any other advice? talk to you boss about adjusting your work hours. ride your bike. telecommute or avoid traveling altogether. and no matter which way you get around. allow extra time. so with the deadline approaching are commuters getting prepared.? kron 4's dan kerman is live in the newsroom with that part of the story. dan. negotiations ended at 4-pm today -- partly because of a planned march by union members in oakland. kron 4's scott rates is there live tonight. scott? you can get the latest developments on bart and the strike threat. no matter where you go, with the new kron 4 news app. it is free and available on just about any mobile device; android, apple, blackberry, and kindle. i'm it is another way we are giving you more local news. the kron 4 news app, download it today. ariel castro will die behind bars. the ohio man was sentenced today for holding three women captive in his home - and ass
. this is gut wrenching for all of us you just don't do this. >> pam: happening right now. oakland police are expected to announce any minute. where they plan to conduct a new search for missing ka toddler daphne webb. cohenthe child has been missing for more than a month and cochran still no sign of her. and as kron four's terisa ra estacio reports the search comes on the heels of " case. tahoeand now drivers will get a daily reminder that the search for daphne webb is still on! a new electronic billboard on interstate- 880, outside the oracle arena has gone up. featuring her picture. thanks to oakland councilwoman desley brooks, t he billboard came at no cost to daphne webb's family. >> we are not going to provide that information today. when asked weather or not they believed she is still alive? they gave this explanation. >> 1 parallel is missing persons. we also have&-phomicidn conjunction with the missing person unit. discover has comes after his father had been kidnapped from the store in east oakland. >> the father is continuing to be a person of interest. now, there is a $20,000
that the coastline. with about warmer temperatures coming up. >> pam: coming up. disputes between the u-s and russia. hit a tipping point. why president obama is calling off plans to meet with russia's president putin. but first. maureen whip then -- >> reporter:the cleveland home where three women were held captive for a decade -- is just a memory tonight. we'll show you - next. @รท path >> pam: a san bruno man is behind bars for the second time in less than two months. for allegedly breaking into women's homes. wearing only his underpants. kron 4's maureen kelly spoke with police who say, the suspect's behavior was even more alarming the second time. >> reporter:the first incident happened here in san bruno.at a home on 900 block of el camino.the smc da's office says the female victim got out of teh shower to find rodney nah-rye- en.clad only in his underpants.holding her bra and shirt. he pled no contest to misdeamor tresspassing and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.but got out early for good behavior.back and released around the end of >> reporter:just days after getting out.a south san francisc
. then -- we'll take you to a place. with the complete opposite problem. >> catherine: u.s. on a baseball scholarship has been shot in the back and killed by teenagers who were "bored".according to police. the result - shock and outrage in both countries. >> catherine: chris lane had just come back from a visit to his native australia with his american girlfriend. the 22-year-old - a promising athlete - was jogging in the small oklahoma town of duncan friday. when he was shot in the back - and left to die in the gutter. these are the suspects' mug shots. two of them have been charged as adults with first-degree murder. 15-year-old james edwards. and 16-year-old chancey luna. 17-year-old michael jones faces lesser charges, including being an accessory after the fact. one report says the teenagers were bored -- and 'tired of practicing on animals' -- when they decided to kill someone. police say the boys were keeping a log of their crimes on facebook pages. the suspects posing with guns.and stacks of cash. one posting by james edwards referred to it being 'time to take lives.' >> catherine:
12 acres were burned.but as kron4's will tran shows us the extent of the damage does not stop there. >> reporter: the number we learned today was 15. the two homes destroyed side by side. we talk to the personal lives there he went at this place about 350 this afternoon he was calm sleeping with this to one- half year-old daughter and 20 smelt smoky go outside stands in front and sees bush is in front of the home on fire. there was no time he grabbed his two year-old daughter who dropped out his daughter at his grandmother's place and just watching this home ball up in flames. it looks like they're on a be hears quite some time to make sure they're safe. there are some homes untouched by this. some of the embers landed on top of some homes and that's why these homes were destroyed and many of the others not damaged areas. we do know that the fire started in a grassy area on the other side of the retaining wall speculation startle some of looking out a cigarette butt. and that's from the very latest will try and kron 4 news way, san jose would become the largest city in america to im
-opened -- but the lasting impact still being felt. we have a reporter monitoring the conditions for us. but first, catherine heenan >> catherine: is here. to show us how the big rig fire played out this morning. >> catherine: let's look at the scene. this is the view from down below the big rig.as it was still burning. this is westbound 80 - right before the 5th street off- ramp.in downtown san >> catherine: this was such a mess.it might have been 'worse' than a bart strike.in terms of traffic on the bay bridge. >> pam: >> pam: because of a flat tire about 5:45 a-m. he pulled over to the right shoulder and got out -- and spotted smoke coming from the engine. fortunately - he ran away from the truck - because only a short time later -- it was engulfed in flames. he was not injured - and the c-h-p calls him 'very the truck had been hauling sushi, rice, vinegar and destroyed. two and three lanes of westbound 80 were closed for hours. let's give you a look at the aftermath. >> catherine: the shell of the truck. it was so badly burned.there's not much left.and the c-h-p says it may never be known why that engi
that was prompted by the al qaeda attacks. they said that they still pose a threat to the u.s. interest. >> we are not going to completely eliminate terror. >> reporter: half on saturday, he goes to martha's vineyard for a family stationed. for a family-- vacation >> pam: coming up at five- thirty. kron four's political anaylst michael yaki will be hre in the studio. to talk more about president obama's news conference today. >> catherine: this just in. the state department says that 18 of the 19 u.s. embassies and consulates that have been closed because of a terror threat -- will reopen on sunday or monday. this is the embassy in yemen -- which is the 'only' one which will not reopen yet. the embassies are scattered throughout the middle east and africa. they were closed after a message between al-qaida officials about a major attack was intercepted. a separate threat yesterday led to the closing of the u- s consulate in pakistan.which remains closed. >> pam: this just in. firefighters are battling a fire that has broken out on treasure island. this is aerial footage courtesy of our helicopt
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23

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